Few code regulations change as often as electrical codes. The reasons are simple: we discover safety concerns as time passes, and new technology. Therefore, electrical concerns are a major part of every inspection.

We start with the type and size of the electrical service, main electrical panel, sub panels, structure wiring types, breaker sizes, panel safety, outlets, lights, and direct wiring. We also inspect for something we like to call “Harry Homeowner Additions.” The older the home, the more “additions” found.

Electrical alterations are common, even in new homes. Rarely do homeowners consult the codes before installing additions to the main panel or termination points. Typically it is a family member that decides how something new should be added. Uncle Bob may…or may not be up to date on the latest safety codes involving electricity.

Rest assured, we are up to date on local electrical requirements for function and safety, and inspect for Harry Homeowner Additions, focusing on fire safety. Most home fires are a result of an electrical issue, so this is an important part of the home inspection. After all, nothing is as important as your families safety!