Foundations are without a doubt the most important aspect of any structure. Basements, crawlspaces, slabs, all are types of foundations. If the foundation is not structurally sound, nothing else really matters, as it is all built upon the foundation.

Foundations are visually inspected, looking for direct evidence of movement or foundation compromise. As a foundation moves, it affects other areas in the structure. Windows and doors become difficult to operate, cracks can form in walls, both exterior and interior, and floors become uneven.

Foundations are also affected by grading and drainage. If the soil conditions are not stable, the foundation will shift, resulting in settlement or structural cracking from movement, which transfers to the entire structure. If the yard around the foundation is not properly graded for proper drainage run-off, soil compression and movement will also occur, contributing to foundation compromise, structural shifting, settlement cracking, and lots of money spent in repairs or demolition..