Split systems and package units are common in the desert. Heat pumps, used primarily in commercial structures, are still present in the residential sectors. Swamp coolers, which have fallen out of favor recently, are also keeping residents cool in many Las Vegas valley homes.

Package systems are usually mounted on the roofs. Split systems are typically found with the A/C units in the side or rear yards, and the air handlers either in the attic (most common) or in the garage. Swamp coolers are typically seen in a side yard exterior wall, or mounted on the slope of the roof. Heat pumps can be found on roofs or side yards, although installers have gotten creative with their installation locations.

HVAC systems are visually and functionally tested, with the exception of heat pumps if the temperature is over 85 degrees (manufacturers recommendations), or air conditioning if the temperature is below 65 degrees. Delta temperatures (temperature differential) are tested for a 14 to 24 degree threshold functional range.