InfraRed Thermography and Inspections
We utilize the latest technology to identify moisture concerns. InfraRed Thermography was first developed by the military for warfare and used in law enforcement and security. Additional uses over the decades have included medical, scientific and engineering applications.

As licensed Structural (home) Inspectors, we use InfraRed Technology to identify and confirm moisture issues that would otherwise go unidentified. InfraRed works by measuring radiant thermal energy from most objects and materials. As trained and certified thermographers, we understand which materials radiate thermal energy, how to set the thermal cameras to capture it, and how to interpret the findings. With InfraRed Thermography, we can identify moisture inside walls, before it would otherwise be detected by conventional methods available to the rest of the home inspectors.

InfraRed is also an excellent method of identifying the causes and sources for MOLD.

The cost of the equipment is prohibitive for most home inspectors to use. We feel that offering this service will add a level of professionalism and thoroughness that no other inspection firm offers.

The best part of this technology, is that we, at Desert Home Inspections, provide it at no additional fee. It is included with every home inspection.

infrared camerainfrared water under the floorinfrared water inside the walls