Inspection Reports

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Thorough Inspection…Thorough Report

The 3D Inspection Software that Desert Home Inspections uses, supplies Structural Inspection Software for thousands of inspectors worldwide. The software is customizable to the specific location, weather, construction styles and techniques, and construction regulations (codes) of the area it is being used in. Our inspection reporting has been customized to work with desert southwest issues, and is specific to this area, which are unlike conditions found anywhere else.

Computer-generated Narrative-based Reporting
On-site inspections are only part of the process. The information discovered during the inspection is then transferred item by item to the software program, including captioned digital pictures, with narrative explanations of the type of concern, why it is an issue, and suggestions for resolving them. Color-specific type informs the reader at a glance what are the most pressing issues for safety and health concerns (code defects). This detailed report is compiled to PDF and delivered within 24 hours of the inspection via email.