Kitec and Rehau Plumbing

Kitec, Rehau and Rehau Plumbing Concerns
Kitec and Rehau Plumbing metal connections/junctions react with the minerals found in Colorado River water. These plumbing types are used all over the world with no problems, however, in the southwest, the zinc content in the plumbing connections is too high to use with our highly mineralized water supply.

Over time, mineral encrustation corrodes, and eventually blocks the metalic connections, causing leaks and system failure. Replacement of all metalic connections is necessary. It will eventually fail, even if it is fine at the time of the inspection. It’s only a matter of time.

Kitec and Rehau Repairs
Repairs are made by locating the plumbing manifold and replacing all the metal plumbing connections. The manifold is where all the plumbing lines intersect and connect. Sometimes these connections are inside the wall, other times they are in the attic area.

The manufacturers have implemented a payment program to cover the repair costs. Certain builders took it upon themselves to schedule and manage the repairs of the plumbing manifolds in the homes they built.

Approximately 40,000 homes in the Las Vegas area are affected.