Pools And Spas

A hot summer day, a cool pool…what could be better?

Pools and spas come with inherent problems. Structural concerns are problematic, but rare. Most problems found with the pool or spa are plumbing or pump related.

All pools and spas are functionally tested and visually inspected for defects. By Nevada law, an inspector cannot comment on anything below the water level, however, if something visible is observed, information is provided.

Pump and pool concerns also include safety risks, such as proper grounding and electrical protection. Anti-vortex drain covers, GFCI protection, active leaks at pump supply lines, filters, heaters, tile condition, water levels, water feature operations… all are inspected.

The main emphasis of a pool and spa inspection is safety. The pool owner is directly responsible for pool safety, including access concerns. Enclosure safety is very important during the pool inspection. The Southern Nevada Health District has outlined very specific safety requirements for pool enclosures. We are not code inspectors, and do not report any findings to any regulatory authority. However, we are safety inspectors and are required to inform the pool owner of all issues discovered with pool and spa inspections. It is then the sole responsibility of the pool owner to act upon the safety information provided.